Winning and Feeling Untethered from Reality

– January 19th, 2018 –

The email came. The screen screamed acceptance to me yet I was bumfuzzled and paralyzed by diffidence. I was a finalist in the Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Short Film Competition and my film, Sombras, would screen at Sundance. The second email arrived. They would be flying me out to attend the screening.

The day of the screening I met with my boss and mentor, Johnny Symons, who accompanied me to my screening and videotaped the moment I was selected as the grand prize winner. Roman Coppola’s reason for selecting me was read by the emcee, Mikey Glazer, and I was interviewed before the crowd. Then, I was sent off to enjoy Sundance 2018. It was all surreal.


The experience couldn’t have come at a more impactful and serendipitous time. I move on but I remember this moment. It stays with me and I with it as I carry towards the next phase of my career. So, here’s to good luck and even better relationships!