Las Minas de Altar

“A bounty hunter drags a captured fugitive to the Indigenous village where her crime was committed. As her case is brought before the tribe’s curandera, village secrets come to light exposing his fragile grasp of truth and justice.”

Las Minas de Altar (The Mines of Altar) is a Psychological Drama set in rural Sonora, Mexico during the country’s Industrial Revolution. The story follows a dying village of Mestizos and a woman from the village accused of killing her husband.

The screenplay for Las Minas de Altar is registered with the Writer’s Guild of America and is currently being developed for production. For more information such as Film Proposal and Sizzle Reel, please contact:

Click on the following link to view the lookbook PDF: Las Minas Lookbook

Las Minas de Altar (the Mines of Altar)