4,000 Miles

| Oakland, CA | Ohlone |

| Tijuana, MX | Kumeyaay |

| San Luis RC, MX | Cocopah/Quezan |

| Brownsville, TX | Lipan Apache |

| Punta Chueca, MX | Comcaac (Seri) |

| San Salvador, SV | Pipil (Nahuat) |

4 generations

Project Stage | Budget

Production Completion

50% Completed | 50% Remaining

Funding Stage

$100,074.00 Raised | $531,987.00 Needed

All Rights Available



Searching for ways to protect his daughter from the intergenerational trauma of immigration, a first-generation Latinx father travels along the U.S./Mexico border to record Indigenous and immigrant perspectives and chart a world where borders are inconsequential.


Jon Ayon is a Mestizx (Comcáac/Ópata/Pipil/Xicano/Salvadoreño) filmmaker from LA. He began his career directing music videos for punk & indie bands in the Pacific Northwest. In 2011, he made Oakland home and earned a B.A. from San Francisco State University’s School of Cinema and an MFA in Documentary from Stanford University. His work has earned him awards and recognition from the Coppolas, The Annenberg Foundation, SFFILM, the Points North Institute and IDA. Ayon’s films highlight Indigeneity, colonialism, & generational trauma, and other facets of the Latinx Diaspora.


Lucy Siguenza has a degree in Comparative Ethnic Studies from Columbia University where she studied the topics of immigration, race, and colonization. She has an extensive background in marketing and project management within the technology and startup world. This is her debut in film.

“Where is home, when you’re from neither here nor there?”

Mestizx: Aquí y Allá

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